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Tax Resolution Solutions is located in Middletown, Delaware. We are here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through.

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Welcome to Tax Resolution Solutions

Welcome to Tax Resolution Solutions, your trusted partner for tax resolution. Situated in the heart of Delaware, we specialize in resolving tax issues for individuals and businesses, offering comprehensive solutions that take your unique circumstances into account.

Our expertise spans a wide range of tax resolution cases, including taxpayers facing levies and other complications. For business owners who have filed for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), we provide specialized assistance as the IRS scrutinizes these claims.

What sets us apart from other tax resolution firms is our commitment to transparency. Unlike other services, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. We present you with the actual options available, allowing you to make informed decisions. We're not here to sell you a "package" but to establish a long-term resolution for your tax problems.

Whether you're dealing with IRS tax notices, levies, or seeking offers in compromise, our team in Middletown is dedicated to providing honest guidance. We excel in handling tax debts exceeding $5,000, with a particular proficiency in addressing the challenges faced by business owners who owe back taxes or have other tax problems. Our expertise extends to navigating payroll tax liabilities, which can be especially stressful.

At Tax Resolution Solutions, we don't just address immediate issues. We're your partners for the long haul. Our mission is to be there every step of the way, ensuring the resolution of your tax challenges with integrity and commitment.

Explore a new era of tax resolution with us. Our services extend to all of Delaware, aiding individuals and businesses facing tax problems. Contact us today for reliable ERTC help, expert tax resolution, and assistance that goes beyond expectations. Your journey to financial clarity begins here.

We can help you with the following:

  • Wage Garnishment

  • Bank Levy

  • IRS Audit Notification

  • Non-Filing

  • Payroll Tax Relief

  • Offers-in-Compromise

  • IRS Seizures

  • State Tax Problems

  • Innocent Spouse

Feel free to contact us by phone at (833) 477-6583 or via e-mail: We look forward to assisting you with all of your tax and financial needs. Tax Resolution Solutions - Resolving Tax Challenges, Empowering Futures.

Frequently Asked Questions

This firm prepares tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and any entities with tax-reporting requirements. Our firm’s seasoned professionals are experts in all areas of taxation including:

  • Individual Returns

  • Payroll Tax Issues

  • Business Returns

  • Sales Tax Returns

  • Rental Income Returns

  • Business Consultation

  • Expatriate Returns

  • Fiduciary & Estate Returns

  • Corporation Returns

  • Bookkeeping

  • Partnership Returns

  • LLC Returns

Our firm offers a full range of planning services including, but not limited to:

  • Individual Tax Planning

  • Business Tax Planning

  • Foreclosures and Repossessions

  • Retirement

  • Finance & Refinance Planning

  • Home Purchase and Sale Planning

We are here for you twelve months a year, not just during tax season. Whether you have a simple tax question, need advice on the tax implications of a business decision, or want clarification on a government notice, feel free to give us a call.
We maintain a policy of the strictest confidence concerning our clients’ affairs. You can rest assured that no one will learn about your business or tax status – even relatives, associates or friends who might have referred you to us.